Artist Statement

Art is a reflection of one’s environment as expressed through the application of the materials at hand. The resulting work is influenced by experience, mood, and choices made by the artist at any given moment. Art is choice. Changing the time, place, or materials directly affects the art produced. Art evolves. Two dimensional art acts as a window or portal to a different frame of mind, where shape, form, and color are transformed by the artists’ rendering and interpretation.

I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, from two-dimensional abstract paintings, to three-dimensional functional pottery and sculpture, to available light photography. When I get “stuck” on a piece, I take a break and move on to another medium to clear my thoughts. Painting is the most difficult and challenging medium to work in, but when the work flows you get in a rhythm and magical things can happen. Art should be challenging and self-expressive at the same time.

– Chris J. Johnson